A touch-sensitive information terminal for granting and repaying loans

The «KREDITMAT» Company manufactures and markets loan transaction terminals for delivery throughout Europe. Our terminals are a convenient way to grant and receive repayment of small loans quickly.

Two years of experience

We have been producing loan terminals for more than two years and have considerable experience providing machines for the automated granting and repaying of loans. In addition, we provide up-to-date and innovative software for the efficient operation of credit institutions.


Experienced design engineers

We are pleased to state that we provide high-quality equipment and detailed consulting in all technical and legal aspects of the granting and dispensing of small loans.

Delivery throughout Europe

We provide delivery to all areas of the European Union.

Loan terminals

Our company is continuously updating our product line of touch-sensitive terminals and adding new products to our catalog. Our manufacturing facilities and staff of highly-experienced product engineers allow us to keep abreast of developments and provide innovative solutions. For example, many of our loan terminals have features that are just starting to appear on the market.

Our loan terminals are touch-sensitive terminals designed for quickly granting small loans (within 10 minutes) without direct communication with a bank officer. Because our loan terminals are conveniently located in busy public places, for example in shopping centers, this type of transaction saves time for both the borrower and the bank. Our credit-granting technology allows banks to operate 24/7 and increase their profits by avoiding salary costs. In addition, our loan terminals are located in busy locations and attract clients who have never used that bank’s services. Clients obtain the money they need at the most propitious moment and within a very short time. Our loan terminals are also used for loan repayment.

Our loan terminals have a very high level of attack protection. They are fitted with a web camera for client identification, a printer for printing contract, receipts and repayment schedules, a scanner for transmitting an image of an ID card and a signed contract to the bank, door opening sensors, a vandal-proof case and locks.

Furthermore, it is possible to pay for many purchases and services bought using our loan terminals. The convenience of this terminal is obvious: the client does not need to go a bank, wait in line or fill out a series of forms.

Our company produces and markets loan terminals, provides customers consulting services, manufactures, delivers and installs our equipment and customized software solutions.