About Kreditmat company

The KREDITMAT Company has been successfully manufacturing and marketing terminals since 2013 and takes up the leading positions in Europe among the producers of terminals for micro credit transactions.


Our product meets the optimum ratio of quality and price. The experts who participate in designing the product have experience in servicing large-scale payment networks. Our research and manufacturing facilities make it possible to constantly improve our products, create new relevant models and produce equipment, taking into account the specifics of a specific customer.


In addition, we are developing software, web applications, Internet sites, flash-animation and deal with their implementation and support.


In practice the following software complexes are implemented: acceptance of payments (server and terminal part), credits allowance (server and terminal) and web system for the credit organization work.


Mission of the company: production of a reliable and qualitative product conforming to the requirements of the current information market. We offer you targeted solutions.