On-line Credit System

  • Our program is designated for the automated granting of loans and payment transactions. It is ideally suited for short-term and micro loans.

    Our system has been developed with the participation of credit institutions in the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine.

    Our program does not require the presence of an agent and is always available for use at the terminal or on line.


    Our system"s main functions:

    1. Registration of loan;
    2. Processing of loan applications using various parameters;
    3. Calculation of a payment schedule by annuity or differential;
    4. Calculation of a repayment schedule with monthly, weekly or other frequency of loan repayment;
    5. SMS and e-mail notification;
    6. Support of MS Office or OpenOffice;
    7. Loan extension;
    8. Loan freezing;
    9. Photographing of clients by web cams and storage and registration of those photos;
    10. Printing of documents: loan agreements, payment schedule, payment receipt, and any other document required;
    11. A unique system of registration of loan application status: new, approved, refused, dispersed;
    12. A unique system of loan registration status: open, current arrears, arrears, closed, canceled;
    13. Monitoring of repayment schedule;
    14. Automated recalculation of repayment schedule;
    15. Maintenance of credit history and credit rating;
    16. Maintenance of current account;
    17. Calculation of cash flow;
    18. Database backup to default storage;
    19. Specification of user rights;
    20. Monitoring of activities of loan officers and users and recording of all activities in a register;
    21. A unique system of loan agreement number assignment, permitting the encoding of the loan"s serial number;
    22. Automated reporting to the credit institution;
    23. Certification of a HEX contract with signature;
    24. Provision of a website for the lending institution.

    The software product can be additionallyfitted with the required modules specifically applicable for your company.


    Our company offers to create a web site for credit organization, besides the software.


    Now orders for the product are being already accepted.