Software for the Credit Terminal

  • Allowance of Credit and Loans


    Following the tendencies of banking market, we have developed a new solution allowing issuing credits and loans remotely by means of a self-service terminal. Specific feature of the solution is performing the maximum number of operations remotely, without participation of the personnel in registration and allowance of credits. Now it isn"t necessary to stand in a queue and to collect a set of documents, the credit or a credit card can be received by using the terminal.


    The procedure of credit allowance is most simplified and shortened that allows to optimize expenses of the financial organization and to increase the number of issued credits and loans. This is an important advantage for both of the parties: financial organization and borrower. 


    Use of self-service terminals in a combination with the specialized software enables not only to make the process of credit allowance automatic but also to receive information on the arrears and loan repayment. This solution meets all legal requirements.


    Our Company"s Solution


    The complex solution for allowance of credits and loans consists of specialized software and a terminal of self-service with a touch monitor, a cash acceptor, a dispenser of notes, a pin-pad, a card reader, a dispenser of cards, a printer of documents, a passport scanner, a web cam, a printer of checks.


    Our company always offers an extended complete set of the terminal and control of additional functions as per the requirement of the client.


    In the automated system of credits and loans allowance the modern methods ensuring safety are used, including the following:


    1. Verification of the borrower mobile phone number by SMS;

    2. Use of contracts forms with electronic tags;

    3. The web cam for registering all the actions of the client;

    4. Passport authenticity is verified by scanning the documents in the UF and infrared ranges;

    5. Identification and review of the customer is performed remotely by a specialist for the credit institution;

    6. Receiving the biometric data base of borrowers (optional);

    7. Installation of a camera for a full-view photograph (optional).



    Advantages of the solution for allowance of credits and loans:


    1. Reduction of the creditor’s expenditures for granting loans;

    2. Increase in the number of loans granted due to the installation of the solutions in busy locations and 24/7 availability;

    3. A combination of three simultaneous functions in one terminal: credit application, dispersal, and repayment;

    4. Easy operation.